15 years, that’s something to celebrate!

Dear collaborators, partners, it is with great pleasure that I come to celebrate with you this 15th anniversary of our company.

We have come a long way,

So many obstacles overcome,

So many good achievements,

So many happy moments shared.

And even if everything is not rosy every day, it is with joy that we celebrate this new candle in our history. We would like to express our gratitude for your presence at our side. We hope to be able to count on you in the days, weeks and months to come, because a new adventure is calling us.

With this candle, we wish to further expand our actions on the market and this goes through you. Your presence by our side will allow us to go further and reach the fulfillment that everyone wants.

We are happy with this new age, and we wish to have bigger ones. Together we can do better, together we will do better.
Happy birthday to each of you, because this candle is also your merit.

Thank you!



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