Founded in 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sire Avantage is a company that operates in import-export, investment and consultancy

Our work consists in providing you a professional solution of transport and logistics, of your goods bought in China and delivery in DRC and Africa, by taking into account your constraints of time and budget, as well as all the logistic particularities related to your transport, in order to provide you an optimal service.

We assure you an accompaniment from A to Z on all types of industrial projects whether it is for the taking in charge of a part or the whole project.

All the goods entrusted to us are systematically checked by independent offices after production and before transport.


Sire Avantage’s mission is to discover the markets to know the characteristics and the organization of the International trade.

To explore different sectors of imports and exports of products with their specificity in one or more countries. 

To find partners or potential suppliers, international trade shows.

To assure the customers on the placing of the orders in full safety as well as to benefit from our various prices of the factory, reductions and services of quality.

A security at all levels, transactional, product or service compliance, but also logistics.

Sire Avantage is the reliable partner for your logistic issues.

Sire Avantage offers you a service of Transport and Logistics which accompanies you in all the stages of the logistic chain to answer your needs. 

We take care of your goods, storing them, repackaging them and, of course, delivering them in time and in the best conditions.


Mr Mike

President and CEO, Sire Avantage

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